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“Mark Hess's professionalism and patience are crucial qualities for the success of his US postage stamps.
Especially for something like the Civil War series, with all of its enthusiasts, the research is beyond comprehensive--including everything from the length of beards to the size of, and distance between buttons. The experts love to
pick these things apart and find mistakes. Somehow Mark kept his head above it all, made voluminous changes,
and got through it without any factual inaccuracies. As for his artistic contribution, we chose him because
there is a unique charm to his paintings... they're highly interpretive.”
-Terry McCaffrey
Creative Director and Manager of Stamp Development
US Postal Service

“As EVP of the leading B2B list brokerage, list management, and email marketing services company Edith Roman Associates, Inc.: I had the pleasure to employ Mark as a consultant to help us create exciting space ad's; eye popping trade booth designs, and web site graphics. In fact until we were acquired in 2004 by a public company we placed our entire million dollar plus marketing budget design in the hands of Mark Hess. Not only did he produce exceptional creative ads that improved our image in the marketplace, the companies success was in no small part derived from his hard work and professionalism. I warmly thank you Mark for the great job you do everyday!”
-Wayne Roberts
Exectutive Vice President
Edith Roman Associates

“The first thing I asked Mark to do was a huge oil painting on canvas for my restaurant. He did incredible research and came up with the idea of depicting historically significant chefs with their most famous dishes. Of course he insisted on the authenticity of every detail... I trust Mark's take on many aspects of my business; his insights into who we're trying to attract, and about how that demographic may perceive anything from the name of the restaurant, to the logo, to the design of the plates is usually right on target. And he doesn't have a big ego about his work, which makes him extremely flexible and easy for other creatives, like architects, to work with.”
-Charlie Palmer, American celebrity chef, restaurateur, hotel owner and author
Owner and Executive Chef:
Aureole New York & Las Vegas; Steak, Las Vegas & Washigton, DC;
Metrazur, New York; Astra New York & Los Angeles;
Healdsburg Hotel, CA; CEO Eatwell Enterprises
Named 'Best Chef in New York'; James Beard Foundation

“Mark has painted five portraits for Fordham University (two rather heroic-sized portraits of Archbishop John Hughes, our founder, as well as portraits of three of our major donors), all of which have received rave reviews from all who have seen them. And with good reason. In each case, Mark was able to capture the spirit, character and essence of each of the subjects.  (One of his donor portraits was so well done that the donor's wife asked him to do a second one--
which now graces the formal living room in their Connecticut home.)”
– Rev. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., President Fordham University

“We really do love that portrait. I smile every time I go by it!
We attended the unveiling of my husband's portrait last year at the opening of The Cunniffe House at Fordham University. There was a spontaneous and positive reaction to Mark's painting for its wonderful likeness and for its composition. We immediately ordered a second portrait for our living room. It elicits the same happy reaction from our family and friends.”
–Maurice “Mo” and Carolyn Cunniffe, Fordham alumni and benefactors, M. Cunniffe is Chairman/CEO of Vista Capital Corporation

“Unfortunately testimonials have become so full of hyperbole that it makes it difficult to write about an artist's work without it being dismissed offhand. I hope that my estimations of Mark's work will not be received that way. So I will continue; his portraits, his magazine covers are skillful, thoughtful and imaginative beyond the ordinary. They are also aesthetically seductive - which is another way of saying you want to continue to look at them beyond the current electronic imperatives to keep scanning - and often incisive in what they have been commissioned to do. 
There a literally dozens of examples of engaging Hess portraits that bring to life some of the oft photographed mugs of notables… as well as recreating historical figures and events. 
These are only minimal reminders of the quality of his art; his reach is truly special. In short, Mark  Hess is an intelligent, talented artist. Now if this is not hyperbole, then the word has no meaning, but it is, in my small, impoverished estimation, also true.”
–Burton Silverman, master realist and portrait artist

“I had the good fortune of locating Mark Hess through one of his colleagues for some commissions I wanted to source. Not only did he embrace my initial thoughts for the works he brought them to life in a form well beyond what I had first imagined. If you have a project requiring the skills of a sensitive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic artist, you do not need to look any further. Mark Hess is for you.”
–Stated with all sincerity,
–Jeff Draime, Board of Directors, Walker Art Museum

“Mark Hess is talented, professional, flexible, creative in his approach to each project, and a delight to work with. We have commissioned several portraits for the University - of historical figures - and of generous donors to significant projects - and all are beautiful, relevant, and meticulously prepared and presented.”
–Liz Manigan, Assistant Vice President for Development and University Events, Fordham University

“This portrait, done entirely by photos we supplied, not only captured the very essence of this impressive man but also hit just the right note with the selection of campus images Mark used as background.  We couldn't have been happier with his work.”
–Sheri Bloom, Director of Development, Andrus Children’s Center

“I'm very excited about the many projects we will be working on together in the near future. You are a true professional who listens first to what we are trying to accomplish and then finds a way to meet the needs perfectly and creatively. We love your style, sense of urgency and performance and the mutual respect makes it FUN!”
Roger J. Catarino
President & CEO
Grayson Mountain Water Co., Inc.

“Hess Design Works is truly a pleasure to work with. Mark Hess not only brings a high level of professionalism and creativity to the table, he really cares about the end results of our advertising and collateral programs and is always
quick to offer interesting ideas and unique solutions that work. The personalized service and eagerness not only
to please, but to succeed can't be beat.”
-Lauren Popek
Director of Marketing
Edith Roman Associates

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