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Portrait Painting

Burton Silverman- Top US portrait painter and a helluva guy.

Graphic Design

AIGA- American Institute of Graphic Arts- Many fine shows; Books, Illustration, Graphics, Environmental Design, etc. Seminars competitions, student services, etc.

Graphic Artists Guild- A governing body dedicated to rights protection and the establishment of unified ethical industry standards for photographers, illustrators and designers. Many good publications, advise, resources, etc.

Art Directors Club of New York- Great shows, publications, competitions and links to other clubs around the country.

Graphis- The International Journal of Visual Communication plus many great books and competitions.

Communication Arts-Creative resource for graphic design, advertising, photography, etc. plus competitions.

How Magazine- Comprehensive online business center for graphic designers and others. Great Magazine, hundreds of links to odd and interesting sites, job referrals, chat, etc.

Print-Creative resource for graphic design, advertising, photography, etc. plus competitions.

Graphic Design USA-Reports on news, events, trends and people involved in the design business.


The Newborn Group- One of the most prestigious illustration representatives in America (easy for me to say, it's my agent).

Zaks Illustration- A good site with a wide selection of illustration.

Society of Illustrators- Over 100 years of illustration shows, info, an illustration museum and more.

The iSpot- Stock illustration, artist's portfolios, ArtTalk, etc.

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