Windstar Cruise Line 180o from Ordinary

The cruise ships with sails; Windstar was created with the vision to offer an alternative to the typical cruise or resort vacation. The Windstar passenger sees the world from a romantic sailing ship with luxurious accommodations, a casual yet elegant atmosphere, and exquisite service and cuisine.

Hess Design Works created five menu systems including coordinated inserts that are easy to print
on-board and change as often as needed.

HDW also created a special cabin directory for each state room that highlights the unique pleasures and offerings of a modern sailing/motor cruise ship. No level of detail was overlooked in the design process so guests feel pampered and privileged. The perfect compliment to a romantic and unusual experience.

Using special faux leather covers with exciting textures and colors for all the menus and cabin directory ensures a value oriented design solution incorporating durability, style and ease of use; a Hess Design Works specialty.
Covered in soft blue ostrich in a rich beautifully bound 9.5" x 9.5" folder, the main restaurant menu feels expensive in the hand (but actually very reasonable). A metal inset on the cover is adorned with a sharp full color image of the ship from the air.
Complimenting the cover is a bright copper interior moire patterned lining which hides the secret pockets which hold up to 4 inserts each side. A transluscent fly leaf, front and back, imparts a sensuous feeling and pre-printed ship image inserts make it easy to add offerings daily.
Inside, the Veranda menu inserts feature a coordinating sun burnt yellow abstract water and sky theme. All inserts are easily printed on board.
The Veranda menu (left and above) is covered in a soft, swede feeling material with the continued use of a metal inset logo bar for continuity.
The Windstar bar menu is 6.5" x 6.5" and covered in a unique basketweave faux leather that is cleanable and durable.
Situated by the pool and exposed to the sea air, the bar menu had to be especially tough yet elegant; it has the feel of a fine book.
Rich colors, sensuous materials and easy to use tabs which look like sails define the style and luxury guests expect on a Windstar cruise.
The Cabin Directory is covered in a firm, yet soft faux leather with a metal logo plate and full color photo.
Typography is always key to an inviting easy to use menu and playful imagery sets the tone and creates visual interest to otherwise mundane pages. Hess Design Works carefully considers all aspects of a users experience and has the expertise to provide quality, cost effective solutions.
Give us a call and let's discuss the possibilities.

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