NOBHILL at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.
Famed Chef Michael Mina was inspired to create NOBHILL by the diverse traditional neighborhood restaurants found throughout San Francisco. NOBHILL combines the city’s most famous, innovative and authentic dishes into one unique menu.

 Hess Design Works created the logo, stationary package, menus, signage, promotion package including copy writing and company identity for this progressive, sophisticated Las Vegas eatery.

Sample HDW copy: Synonymous with high style, substance and elegance, this San Francisco neighborhood has gone through dramatic changes over the last two centuries. Once a scruffy hill high above the rowdy and restless harbor town, the advent of the cable car in the 1870’s provided access to the most spectacular views of the glorious harbor. Rich mining and railroad industrialists erected ornate Victorian palaces atop Nob Hill, but the great 1906 earthquake destroyed most of these homes, and most of the city, ending the first chapter in Nob Hill's glory days. But the Hill was rebuilt. Today Nob Hill’s luxury, culture and international elegance have made it a world-famous symbol of sophistication - a place where people with fine taste seek out the richest pleasures of life... and find them!
NOBHILL MENUS (above and left) are a sumptuous combination of strength, beauty and flexibility. Each one; the 9x9 dinner, the 7.5x7.5 dessert and the 6x6 bar; are made using a special process that makes them waterproof, with a copper metallic interior and unique center pockets which can hold from 2 to 12 in-house printed pages along with thin ribbed transparent 'fly' paper end leaves relating the NobHill story (see above). This allows specials to be added last minute, or events to be personalized while always presenting a finished elegant appearence. And the price per menu is extremely low.
The NOBHILL Press Kit (below) exudes the same special feeling the interior design establishes to create a unified personality and ambiance; a brand. With a copper metallic interior matching the menus and other touches inside the restaurant and unique center information card that strategically slips into a slot in the cover and locks the folder until removed, this folder is sure to be remembered. And the price per unit is extremely low.
A stationary package of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoice forms and other items rounds out the branding continuity for NOBHILL, Las Vegas.

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