Development of an ‘identifier’ or logo.

Hess Design Works consults
closely with the principals of a
company to
embrace and reveal
a suitable
scope, feel, ambiance/color
scheme appropriate for a new
logo. The graphic ‘identifier’ or
logo developed by Hess Design
Works will
compliment and
with the vision
established by initial meetings.
The parameters of a
graphic signature system
avoidance of repetitive or simila
graphic systems already in use
by competitors is paramount.

Hess Design Works explores
visual possibilities for the
identifier with a keen eye toward
competitive positioning and
as well as all collateral
usage .

Hess Design Works will
intensively review shapes,
colors, spatial relationships,
other design elements as well as
the emotional perception
differing combinations of these
elements deliver.
Upon selection of a final
Hess Design Works
will consider and develop a
system of usage for all the
varied applications necessary;
the application system
Factors such as, but
not limited to, appropriate color
palette, placement, typography,
grids, typeface, signage,
imagery and paper selection will
be established.

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SummitWorks Technologies Inc. is a high tech computer systems optimization company that looks deeply into any clients' Information Technology system for ways to integrate the Internet and other technological solutions for improved customer relations, supply efficiencies, streamlining, etc. for competitive advantage.

Hess Design Works was asked to develop a logo and collateral materials.
Below are some of the early logo submissions:

Each of these early logo experiments was aimed at giving SummitWorks a unique identity from it's competitors that imparted a sense of stability, strength and modernity. The client liked the idea of the tag line, but more importantly, the idea of combining the words summit and works into one was enthusiastically embraced.

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