Horton Printing is one of Connecticut's longest continually operating printers. Since 1867 Horton has been satisfying client's needs with innovation, dedication to the highest printing standards and a unique personal approach. In a word, when clients partner with Horton they get: ReliabilityPlus.

Hess Design Works developed a capabilities brochure/folder/info pack that not only showed the wide range of special printing techniques Horton is capable of, but also explored the history and philosophy of this successful, client oriented company.

Special Features:
Engineered die cutting/ folder creation
•Hand tipping
•Historical time line since Hortons founding
•Special coatings/inks
•Multiple stocks
•Solutions Gallery: spectacular projects
•Brochure examines history, projects, technical prowess, capabilities, etc.
•Whole package fits file cabinets as self tabbed folder

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Horton Printing,
since 1867
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