Hess Design Works creates any and all materials needed to help solidify your design concept or establish a new one. Restaurant graphics including: logos, stationary packages, menus, signage, promotion packages, copy writing, advertising, web development and company identity are the specials we deliver.
Concepts, Unique Menus, Murals, Logos, Brochures, Mailers, Support...
Hess Design Works Delivers
Matthew Medure's fine sushi restaurant aims for high quality food and a serene zen-like ambiance. HDW created the durable, easy to use main and wine menus.
Astra Ridge: a retro packaged specialty house water for select fine restaurants. In cobalt blue.
Promo brochure for the Manhattan restaurant Destineé. The cover above communicates the sophistication and charm guests can expect as do the sample spreads below.

This painting is 7 feet x 13 feet and was commissioned to adorn the bar area for C.C.C. (Chef's Cuisinaire Club) in Manhattan. The restaurant concept was to encourage the city's best chefs' to come and commiserate with foodies, both professional and amatuer, after work. The inspiration for the artwork was the Last Supper presented by the most famous chefs and restauranteurs in history. Each dish visualized is a breakthrough in the creation of what we think of today as fine gourmet dining.

Various other elements to mystify and delight viewers include: a skull, representing mortality, a naked woman raising a toast, car keys, playing cards with more chef portraits, a tree frog, notes, reflections of more people, birds and various fine wines.

JW's Tavern is a fun and exciting eatery in the Rio Casino in Las Vegas.

HDW created the logo, back story, menus, postcard mailers (above right & left), tri-fold brochure (above), gift certificate (right), coasters (left) and various other collateral materials.

Read the HDW created back story for JW's:

JW was a hard driving man.
After his service in the North African Corp ended, he bummed around the world for years searching out adventure, good eats, cold beer and romance.
Once, in Koala Lampur he was nearly mauled to death by a giant, rabid snow leopard while guiding a group of spiritualists through the Gidira Pass in search of the abominable snowman. The leopard lost.
Another time in the jungles of Borneo he supposedly rescued a local high priestess from headhunters and was made an honorary chief; complete with a three day celebration including live sacrifices, monkey spirit warriors and hallucinogenic potions.
After three months lost in the Amazon rain forest, surviving on bugs and snakemeat, JW walked, crawled and swam nearly 500 miles before being rescued by a lost tribe of Aztec Indians cut off from the modern world for two millennia.
Everywhere JW went and everyone he met was treated to the recollections of his outsized life. He could hold any group or individual in rapture listening to his stories for hours, and often did. But although JW was truly a bonified citizen of the world, he never forgot his roots in Smalltown, USA. He loved to recount tales of his childhood as an Army brat living all over his beloved America...his joining a one ring traveling circus as a roustabout at age 12, or working as a tunnel rat building the Hoover dam as a teen. He even worked as a chef’s assistant in the White House serving up ham sandwiches, split pea soup and ice cold beer to FDR at late night strategy meetings (In fact, this is probably where JW developed his fine sense of American comfort food he would later become famous for).
After years of travel JW finally settled down a bit and opened a little tavern of his own. He stocked it with the best beers in the world and created the delicious menu with his own tastes in mind; the simple, honest, stick-to-the-ribs food of his childhood and homeland; the good ol’ US of A.
JW drew in the crowds with his stories of adventure, the cold beer and the great food. And the tradition continues. Yes, things have changed a bit since JW first opened his beer hall to the public. But if you listen hard and use some imagination you still might hear some of those fantastic stories JW could weave as you enjoy a cold one and satisfy your hunger with a hearty meal. Welcome to JW’s and as JW himself used to say, “Eat, Drink & Live...”

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